SafetyAtWorkBlog Contributors

Kevin Jones – Editor

For twenty years I have been active in the area of occupational health and safety, culminating in running my own OHS consultancy for almost ten years.

Recently I have had an opinion piece published by Business Spectator and has reused one of my blog articles on the Beaconsfield Mine rockfall of 2006.

In August 2009, Business Spectator published an article on the workload of Australia public servants and how it was involved with a major political scandal.

An article for National Safety magazine has been completed and shouldwas published in May 2009, concerning the application of insurance products to cover the fines and penalties relating to OHS.

Over time the demand for my company’s services have changed from demands for safety consulting to safety writing and commentary.

For many years, I published the SafetyAtWork magazine, a regular online publication for safety professionals, through subscription, that was distributed globally.

From this developed a weekly OHS bulletin for Australian safety professionals. The bulletin has led to a similar product being produced for members of the Safety Institute of Australia since 2005.

In 2005 I wrote the Editorial for The Journal of Occupational Health and Safety Australia and New Zealand – “A culture of terror: the risks of occupational violence” was provided to the December 2005.

I contributed substantially to the 1st edition of the WorkSafe Victoria publication – Manual Handling in the Food Industry, and provided literary support to Ballarat’s Farm Safety Training Centre in writing the WorkSafe guidance “Dairy Safety – A Practical Guide”.

An article about the potential infectious hazards from security card lanyards appeared in the April 2008 edition of Management Today, a magazine published for the Australian Institute of Managers.

In late-2008 I began contributing regularly to the Employment Law Bulletin, and RTWMatters, a networking web-service for Return-To-Work Coordinator.

In January 2009 I was accepted as a correspondent for LabourStart- an online labour bulletin service.

Col Finnie – Contributor

G’day people.  Col Finnie here, director of a safety advisory business, fini:OHS.  Kevin invited me to start making regular contributions to his blog; I like the boy, and liked the idea of contributing to his blog.  So here I am.

Quick background to me.  Many years working for WorkSafe Victoria heading up the OH&S legislation drafting unit (1989 – 2000). (And no, I’m not a lawyer.)  In 2000 I decided I’d done me time in legislation and helped set up a new guidance material editing and writing unit in WorkSafe.  I headed up the itty bitty tech writing unit (2 of us) until early in 2004 when I bailed from the Victorian Public Service to have a crack at running my own business.  Primary passion is finding ways to deliver OH&S advisory stuff that works for small businesses.

My contributions to this blog will most often be hints and tips on common OH&S issues that can cause problems for small business, lots of businesses in fact.  I provide this sort of stuff for clients and I reckon it’s  time to “spread the love”.  I may well be tempted to jump on a soapbox every now and then and have a rant about a general OH&S topic – all rights reserved on that one.

In my blog articles I don’t rabbit on about all the associated legislative background to the hints and tips, I’ve found that few if any people want to know anything about that sort of stuff – they want solutions.

Eane Watson – Contributor

Eane is an Australian occupational health and safety professional, residing in regional Queensland. He is currently employed in the civil construction field, with industry experience including supply chain management, engineering, aviation, manufacturing and healthcare. He is a Chartered Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia and a Registered Safety Professional (Australia). His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in OHS, and he is currently completing a Master’s degree with majors in both Risk Management and OHS.

Pamela Cowan – Contributor

I have worked in Health and Safety for a passing milestone of 5 years. Currently, I reside with my husband in Calgary Alberta, and currently hold a position, as a Safety Specialist Advisor for the Calgary Board of Education.

For me I have to admit that my intentions were not entirely pure when I first heard about this profession.  The story goes as follows. I was working as a Manager at an Accounting Office. Yet was really bored with it and did not want to go to school to learn more about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or spend the money either.

The story continues with this new gal who started working at the office and she is just sooo excited this is her first office job. Well this got me curious as I had never known of any woman who didn’t work in an office.  So I asked what she did before as this certainly was not her first job. She explained that she sat on a catwalk and watched men work. Honestly, the female kicked as I chuckled and asked her if they really paid her for that. Well she stated that she would make about 3 times what she was making now, but that she had little kids and wanted to be home with them.

Well I have been anything but bored! More like flat out excited, and have been almost every day since. We never know what our day will entail. I have always said, “Don’t cast your day in concrete. As that will be the day, the welder will catch on fire, or someone will break into your vending machine with a grinder.“

I recently completed tenure with South East College as an Instructor for the Safety Practitioner course, and have found myself missing the ability to share my learnings and experiences with others. When Kevin put out an inquiry for contributors I felt it would be an opportunity to share with others what I am passionate about, but only on a larger scale.

I look forward to sharing my trials triumphs with you and welcome your feedback.