SafetyAtWorkBlog “tip-off” line

SafetyAtWorkBlog occasionally receives confidential documents and phone calls about workplace health and safety incidents, investigations and reports. It is time that this process was given some formality in order to encourage transparency on issues while, if necessary, preserving anonymity. To achieve this aim a “tip-off” line has been created by SafetyAtWorkBlog using the Whispli whistleblowing platform. The workplace health and safety information line was launched in March and will continue to be refined over the next few months.

If you have some information related to workplace health and safety that you think would be of interest to SafetyAtWorkBlog readers, please let me know by clicking this gateway.

People can choose to be anonymous through this Whispli process and all information is handled confidentially. You will be required to set up an email and provide some other details as there is likely to be a need for additional questions and clarifications in order to investigate or verify the information. This will also allow you to log in to check the progress of your tip-off.

Information can be provided using any device that connects to the Internet and there is provision for uploading a range of file types including audio and video.

Kevin Jones

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