OHS and Anne Wyatt

Dr Anne Wyatt is an established occupational health and safety (OHS) professional with a particular interest in workplace psychological hazards. Some time ago she wrote Preventing Workplace Bullying with Dr Carlo Caponecchia. Anne is the latest person to humanise OHS by providing an insight into her personal and professional thoughts to SafetyAtWorkBlog. How did you … Continue reading “OHS and Anne Wyatt”

Is a definition of a “safe system of work” still needed?

Recently Carlo Caponecchia and Anne Wyatt published a short article about the “safe system of work” (open access for a limited time) – an important concept of occupational health and safety (OHS) and element of OHS laws, but one that is poorly defined; possibly because a sociological definition is more useful, and the sociology of …

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Australia’s workplace bullying report is a missed mental health opportunity

The report, issued last week, from Australia’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Workplace Bullying, is a terrific discussion on workplace bullying but is a major missed opportunity to achieve necessary change, and change in this area equates to the reduction of, principally, psychological harm to workers and their families. The report starts off shakily by giving prominence … Continue reading “Australia’s workplace bullying report is a missed mental health opportunity”

The future of the School of Risk & Safety Science

It was good to hear the President of the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA), Barry Silburn on the radio on 7 December 2009. The SIA has traditionally been very hesitant about going public on safety issues but clearly the potential disappearance of the School of Risk & Safety Science from the University of New South … Continue reading “The future of the School of Risk & Safety Science”