Cabbage Salad and Drugs

Episode 6 of the Cabbage Salad and Safety podcast is now available with the discussion centring on drugs and alcohol issues at work. For those looking for information on drug and alcohol testing, this episode is not for you.  We thought that the testing issue is dealt with in many workplaces through legislative and regulatory matters and … Continue reading “Cabbage Salad and Drugs”

Drugs in the workplace – small business blog

The Age newspaper included a short article on drugs in the workplace in a small business pages on 4 August 2009.  For OHS professionals there is little new information but it’s a nice summary of some of the legal and management challenges on this workplace hazard. Sadly some of the reply comments to the article … Continue reading “Drugs in the workplace – small business blog”

Mixed bag conference format succeeds

The Safety Institute of Australia (soon to be trading as the Australian Institute of Health and Safety) conducted its Perth Safety Symposium on September 28 2018.  It was the event’s second year and, overall, was a success.  But how does one measure the success of a one-day conference? Firstly, one has to have an interesting … Continue reading “Mixed bag conference format succeeds”

“We cannot buy the health of people with money”

By Melody Kemp Walking my dog along the Mekong in Vientiane, new piles of building rubble litter the river bank. The capital has long had a problem with plastic waste, but as unbridled wealth spreads and humble buildings are replaced by garish McMansions, building rubble is turning up in the general detritus. Among the bricks … Continue reading ““We cannot buy the health of people with money””