Teaching OHS in China

Guest post from Col Finnie of fini:ohs : This year (2016) I had two 2-month stints teaching OHS and risk management in Sichuan China as a casual employee for a Melbourne-based TAFE.  It was quite a learning experience. And I thought to pass on a bit of the stuff I learned for others who might find … Continue reading “Teaching OHS in China”

An Olympic first really worth celebrating.

Just over a coupla years ago I waved optimistically in the Twitterverse with “14 Athens, 6 Beijing, 43 New Delhi. How about the London Olympics uses the slogan: “No one had to die to make this happen Games”? Well, they done it! No work oriented fatalities recorded and a record-breaking drop in injury rates. (I … Continue reading “An Olympic first really worth celebrating.”

Merry Christmas from SafetyAtWorkBlog

I want to personally thank all of the loyal readers of SafetyAtWorkBlog  for your support in the last twelve months.  The blog stats is kicking along nicely but its prominence in OHS discussions, particularly in Australia, is growing stronger. This year the blog has been blessed by perceptive and controversial articles by Col Finnie and … Continue reading “Merry Christmas from SafetyAtWorkBlog”

The “head scratcher” in due diligence

I’ve been having a “hmmm(?!)” moments with a wee bit of the due diligence stuff in clause 27 of the Work Health Safety Bill (WHS). I’m interested to hear what you people reckon about it. Here’s the rub: I don’t think it’s possible to get a clear idea of what it means to comply with … Continue reading “The “head scratcher” in due diligence”

Work Health and Safety Regulation Impact Statement could do better

[Originally submitted as a comment to a “safety costs” article] I’ve spent a coupla hours dipping into what looked to me like the important bits of the WHS reg RIS, and I gotta say it don’t add up. I’d also say that the RIS does, in general terms, do what it should do, in terms … Continue reading “Work Health and Safety Regulation Impact Statement could do better”