Understanding the new world of the CEO

OHS professionals are very keen on advocating a change in workplace culture as a base requirement for safety improvements.  They also regularly quote the need for “top-down” leadership (however that is defined) to generate the  cultural change. SafetyAtWorkBlog has already may some comments about leadership today but an interesting article has been brought to our attention that, although … Continue reading “Understanding the new world of the CEO”

Union opposition to Australia’s OHS laws – new radio campaign

On 14 September 2009, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) released a series of radio advertisements that call on the government to not reduce the occupational health and safety conditions of Australian workers. An article about the ads with interviews with the major political players is available on ABC Radio for a short time. … Continue reading “Union opposition to Australia’s OHS laws – new radio campaign”

An Ombudsman for the safety profession

WorkSafe Victoria is very keen for the safety advice and management discipline to become professional.  It is providing considerable technical and financial support to the Safety Institute of Australia and other members of the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA).  The current status of HaSPA in Australia has been discussed in other SafetyAtWorkBlog articles. HaSPA … Continue reading “An Ombudsman for the safety profession”

Financial dive for WorkCover NSW

SafetyAtWorkBlog recently reported on the financial results of the workers’ compensations schemes in South Australia and Victoria.  WorkCover New South Wales results were released on 7 April 2009. According to an article in the Australian Financial Review (page 4, not available on line) the WorkCover NSW fund fell by $2.3 billion – the $625 million … Continue reading “Financial dive for WorkCover NSW”

A sport’s culture of excessive alcohol at work functions

Each November safety publications carry guidances and warnings about unacceptable conduct at company Christmas parties.  Often these warnings are around moderating alcohol consumption and showing due respect to others.  One of the most recent legal advisories was issued in late-2008 by Maria Saraceni of the Australian law firm, Deacons. This week in Sydney the National … Continue reading “A sport’s culture of excessive alcohol at work functions”