The asbestos Triffid goes national

The union campaign on the eradication of asbestos from the island of Tasmania has entered the national political arena in Australia.  On 29 October 2010, the Australian Minister for Workplace Relations, Chris Evans, announced that Geoff Fary, Assistant Secretary of the Australian Council for Trade Unions, will chair the newly established “Asbestos Management Review” (AMR). … Continue reading “The asbestos Triffid goes national”

Asbestos prosecution highlights community risks

A recent asbestos-related prosecution by WorkSafe Victoria illustrates the prevalence of asbestos as an environmental, public and occupational problem. According to a media statement on 5 November 2010, “Joshua Luke Marshall, operating as Affordable Demolitions and Asbestos Removals, told two separate homeowners he was licensed by WorkSafe to carry out asbestos removal work, although he didn’t … Continue reading “Asbestos prosecution highlights community risks”

Army notice on asbestos bags is warning for all workplaces

Various sectors of the Australian media have been reporting on the potential use of asbestos-tainted sacks by Australian soldiers and Defence personnel.  Asbestos exposure is a recurring risk for the Australian armed services due to items in use, such as the dummy, and the existence of asbestos in various buildings. The issue of asbestos persisting in sacks was given … Continue reading “Army notice on asbestos bags is warning for all workplaces”

Safe Work Australia releases official asbestos statistics

On 12 May 2010, Safe Work Australia released the official statistics on on the number of new cases of mesothelioma.  The report is entitled Mesothelioma in Australia Incidence: 1982 – 2006, Mortality 1997 – 2007. More discussion on asbestos statistics and Safe Work Australia stance on asbestos issues is available HERE

Prominent unionist renews pledge on asbestos

SafetyAtWorkBlog asked Yossi Berger, National OHS Co-ordinator, Australian Workers’ Union, for comment on the relaunched Mesothelioma Registry.  His response is below “The only known cause of meso is exposure to asbestos.  If you are diagnosed with it you have a 50% chance of surviving longer than 12 months.  Any lung physician will tell you that it’s a … Continue reading “Prominent unionist renews pledge on asbestos”