Lessons from Royal Commission into Home Insulation Program

Australia’s Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program (HIP) demands the attention of all occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals, primarily, because a job creation and economic stimulus program was so poorly planned at the highest level of government, that it seems to have established a culture that led to workplace deaths. However the Royal …

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Teacher stress, resilience and protective factors

Teaching is a stressful occupation.  Any occupation that requires one to not only talk to people but to educate them, is stressful.  Imagine having to do this every week day in front of over twenty people who do not want to be there.  During your lunch break, instead of putting your feet up and reading … Continue reading “Teacher stress, resilience and protective factors”

Annual holidays get a TV makeover

Regardless of concerns over the veracity of data, Tourism Australia’s “No Leave, No Life” campaign is continuing to develop its media presence. The Seven Network announced this week that “No Leave, No Life” will form the basis of a television program to be broadcast from 5 December 2009.  As is the nature of TV shows, … Continue reading “Annual holidays get a TV makeover”

Groundwork for employee engagement

Safety professionals should be suspicious of many management trends.  Over the last decade behavioural-based safety has been popular and more recently workplaces have been subjected to the application of amorphous concepts such as leadership and engagement.  Many of these are dressing up old approaches to management in new jargon,  some have little evidence to back … Continue reading “Groundwork for employee engagement”

Dangerous Forklift Behaviour

At the risk of increasing a young person’s infamy, SafetyAtWorkBlog draws your attention to a (former) YouTube video of a young forklift driver misusing a forklift. According to a WorkSafe media release: Dangerous forklift driving has cost a young worker his job, his forklift licence and earned him 50 hours of community work and an … Continue reading “Dangerous Forklift Behaviour”

Speeding in roadside worksites

I have a confessions to make.  I stick to the speed limit and in over 25 years of driving cars and riding motorcycles, I have never had a speeding ticket.  That may make me sound like a grumpy old fart but I can’t see how it can be worth putting yourself and others at risk for little return. …

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