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Here are some of the citations of some of the online awards the SafetyAtWorkBlog has received over the years.

The 80 Top Health & Safety Blogs

Run by Kevin Jones and based in Australia, it covers a wide range of workplace safety topics. The Australian insight is a true delight and there are topics on here that we rarely see anywhere else. It is obvious that Kevin has a wealth of knowledge on workplace safety and if you have a spare 20 minutes listen to his ‘Cabbage Salad and Safety podcast’

Best Business Blogs 2017 – smartcompany

Keeping workplace health and safety processes up to date is vital for your business, but it’s a complicated area that can sometimes be left as a secondary priority. Workplace consultant Kevin Jones continues to investigate key issues in the area in his Safety at Work blog and uses current events as a starting point for lessons for business owners. Topics covered over the past week include what effect the film Deepwater Horizon, which features the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, will have on public perceptions of health and safety.

Top 5 health and safety blogs you should follow – thundermaps

Direct, holistic, and genuine is what you can expect to find in Kevin Jones – an award-winning Australian H&S advocate’s blogpost. Kevin has successfully tackled H&S at both macro and micro level. From convincingly arguing workplace safety as a critical part of bigger business environment’s picture and that it “cannot exist outside social, economic and political contexts” ,to educating business about specific issues of H&S such as suicide prevention, he has successfully done them all.

Australia’s Best Business Blogs: 2016 – smartcompany

Occupational health and safety consultant Kevin Jones brings two decades of experience to his editorship of the SafetyAtWorkBlog, bringing together news and commentary on workplace safety and health. Regularly updated, this blog is a great resource for SMEs operating without a dedicated human resources team.

LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation 2014

Workplace safety is an international issue, of course. SafetyAtWorkBlog, offered up by Kevin Jones from Australia, provides an informative and lively detour for those interested in reading about workplace injury issues beyond the U.S. Many of Jones’ posts show that we have a lot in common with the Aussies. For example, in an October 17th post, Jones argues that occupational health professionals feel much more comfortable discussing catastrophic events than issues more personal to workers, such as suicide. Suicide talk is unsettling and uncomfortable, whereas catastrophic events can sometimes be pigeonholed into an academic and abstract framework. Suicides arising out of workplace incidents are a growing problem, and the issues should be discussed in a straightforward fashion . Insightful and entertaining is Jones’ July 28 discussion entitled, “OHS is not all about covering one’s ***” in which he posits that the fear of “reputational damage” is a strong motivator of change within the Australian corporate world and that, accordingly, safety professionals should learn to work with and, perhaps, exploit that fear to bring about positive change. Finally, in a particularly reflective piece, “One man’s frustration with OHS illustrates larger safety dysfunctions”, Jones laments the fact that all too often the Australian government seems only interested in assuring compliance with the occupational safety laws when instead, it should be concerned with educating the community about workplace safety.

LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation 2013

Worker safety is an issue beyond America’s borders. For an interesting and refreshing perspective on workplace safety, one can travel electronically to the “Land Down Under” to read the work of Australian editor, Kevin Jones, and his several contributors. Offering “news, commentary and opinion” on workplace safety and health, SafetyAtWorkBlog offers multiple posts each week. While the articles are obviously directed to Australian issues, one is drawn to the fact that the arguments ring true here as well. For example, a July 18th piece remarked that safety should not be “the red tape bastard” of productivity, that too often the voices arguing for the economic importance of workplace safety or pointing out the productivity benefits of keeping workers safe have been too quiet. If you thought workplace bullying was an issue only in America, take a look at a February 12th post indicating the issue is being discussed and debated within high government and industry circles within Australia.

LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation 2012

For a number of years now, Australian editor Kevin Jones has been writing and compiling an excellent mix of “news, commentary and opinion” on workplace safety and health in “the Land Down Under.” Aided by several other contributors, Jones offers timely and interesting entries that should interest workers’ compensation professionals in North America, as well. The blog takes a broad and thoughtful swath. For example in a May 7, 2012 entry, “Workplace safety and the human condition,” Jones comments upon a host of interesting articles and reports that had recently come across his desk related to social concerns. One included a pastoral letter issued by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council on the “Dignity of Work,” through which Jones drew parallels between dignity and values-based safety in the work environment. A September 10, 2012 piece entitled “Managing on luck is not managing safety” is another example. It discussed the use of bright colored clothing for clerks and enhanced lighting techniques at drive-thru liquor stores (the Aussies call them “bottle shops”).

LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation 2010

A winner last year as well, SafetyAtWorkBlog by Australian Kevin Jones is an excellent foreign OSHA and workers’ compensation product that features news and analysis of workplace issues on the other side of the globe. This straight forward Blog provides insight and informative content into international worker safety developments, marrying the law, business processes, medicine, and social concerns into thought provoking commentaries.

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