I have established a reputation as a critical thinker on workplace safety issues over 20 years. I am an internationally recognised blogger and freelance writer on OHS issues, increasingly called upon to ghostwrite or develop safety-related communications, policies and procedures.

The uniqueness of my skills comes from basing my work on real world experience. My recent 8 years of full-time employment in the rail infrastructure sector has provided a very useful understanding of the impact of policies and procedures in the workplace, the client role in contractor management and insight into how safety documentation is received, understood and applied by the workforce and other stakeholders.

My work is based on the following skills and qualifications, amongst others:

  •  Incident investigations using ICAM and other methods
  • Onsite safety and contractor management on rail infrastructure projects
  • OHS consulting over a broad range of industries, from pasta factories to licenced brothels
  • Forensic review of OHS management systems and other documentation
  • Lead auditing in OHS on rail infrastructure projects
  • Provision of online OHS content for Holmesglen College
  • Advice and editing services to RMIT University
  • Contribution of OHS content to WorkSafe Victoria on “Dairy Safety: A Practical Guide”, “Manual Handling in the Food Industry (1st edition)”
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (Latrobe University)
  • Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia