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One of the most useful tools on any website is a Search function.  When writing a SafetyAtWorkBlog article I regularly use the Search function (on the right of this page, or the bottom of your screen, depending on what device you are using) to remind me of what I have written previously.  This avoids doubling up on topics or perspectives but also provides a thematic thread and consistency through the articles. For instance, try “quad bikes”, SWMS, Tooma or Quinlan.

This Search function is a search of all the text in all of the thousands of articles in SafetyAtWorkBlog and is available to everyone, although Subscribers get the most value.

I find the function is also useful for searching for names of people mentioned or quoted in the articles.  This allows me to link people in new articles to their appearance in earlier articles.

I love libraries for the amount of knowledge they contain, but the best libraries are those that also provide easy access to that knowledge.  This is one of the beauties of the Internet and of Keyword Searches on websites.

In the New Year, I am hoping to upgrade the Search functions on the website and would welcome readers’ and subscribers’ suggestions for improvement.

Kevin Jones

SafetyAtWorkBlog statistical profile

In February 2018 the SafetyAtWorkBlog will celebrate ten years of independent writing about workplace health and safety matters.  It will also be the first anniversary of having SafetyAtWorkBlog as a subscription service.

Some readers have asked for more information about the social media statistics of the blog as it would provide a unique perspective on something that is purely related to workplace health and safety.  So here are some of the statistics related to the blog and related social media.


The twitter feed for

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Blog in two “best of” lists

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Over the last week SafetyAtWorkBlog has been included in two “best of” lists.  One, from smartcompany, is the second year in a row and the other is from a UK website that includes this blog in a list of over 70 health and safety blogs.  Readers are encouraged to look at the other blogs referenced in the articles as there are more start-ups every year both in Australia and elsewhere.  To those involved in the awards sites, many thanks.

Kevin Jones

Best Business Blogs 2017 – smartcompany

“Keeping workplace health and safety processes up to date is vital for your business, but it’s a complicated area that can sometimes be left as a secondary priority. Workplace consultant Kevin Jones continues to investigate key issues in the area in his Safety at Work blog and uses current events as a starting point for lessons for business owners. Topics covered over the past week include what effect the film Deepwater Horizon, which features the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, will have on public perceptions of health and safety.”

The 72 Top Health & Safety Blogs

“Run by Kevin Jones and based in Australia, it covers a wide range of workplace safety topics. The Australian insight is a true delight and there are topics on here that we rarely see anywhere else. It is obvious that Kevin has a wealth of knowledge on workplace safety and if you have a spare 20 minutes listen to his ‘Cabbage Salad and Safety podcast’”


Important changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog

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Over the last 9 years SafetyAtWorkBlog has established a solid presence in the OHS online world.  It has gained international notice and awards and has a voice much larger than its pool of subscribers and followers. Occupational health and safety needed voices after years (decades?) of OHS professionals being overly cautious about expressing their well-informed opinions and creating debates and, sometimes, controversy.

Now it is time for the SafetyAtWorkBlog to take the next step in its sustainability.


For the SafetyAtWorkBlog to continue to grow, a subscription model will be introduced from February 4 2017. For an annual subscription, followers will be able to access exclusive safety articles and interviews. Occasionally articles will be published for free but over 90% of content will be available only to subscribers. Continue reading “Important changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog”

SafetyAtWorkBlog’s top two articles for 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close, I have dipped into the statistics and found the two SafetyAtWorkBlog articles that had the highest readership in 2016 were articles discussing the thoughts of Michael Tooma and Andrew Hopkins. Both of the articles were challenging – one of the existence or relevance of safety culture and the other about how occupational health and safety (OHS) is desperate for a change and struggling to start that change.

The statistics should not be surprising as both Tooma and Hopkins have a high recognition rate in the Australian OHS field and both have and international context – Hopkins through his analysis of industrial disasters and Tooma through his “safety differently” world tour. Continue reading “SafetyAtWorkBlog’s top two articles for 2016”