Video Update #3

It’s been a couple of busy weeks at SafetyAtWorkBlog with three public speaking engagements:

Below is a video update about this activity with a couple of new books mentioned as well.


Kevin Jones

Video Update #2

Below is a quick video update of issues raised in the SafetyAtWorkBlog over the last week or so.

These updates and other media files will be transferred to the SafetyAtWorkBlog YouTube channel over the next few weeks so you may want to follow that channel. You can do this by clicking on the watermark in the video below.

Kevin Jones

Video update

Below is the first video of what we hope to produce weekly – a SafetyAtWorkBlog Update.  This short weekly video is an informal wrap up of some of the SafetyAtWorkBlog articles and a quick mention of what is coming up soon.  This episode also mentions a couple of interesting safety-related books.

Please let me know your thoughts on this initiative.

Kevin Jones

ACCC releases Issues Paper to start public quad bike safety consultation

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released an issues paper on quad bike safety with a deadline for public submissions of mid-December 2017.  An ACCC spokesperson has advised that submissions will be made available to the public through the website unless privacy and confidentiality is requested. A draft recommendation is scheduled for early 2018 with a final recommendation in mid-2018.

Issues papers serve two purposes – the provision of information and questions of particular importance.  This article will look at some of those questions.

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Recent safety videos

The recent World Congress on Safety and Health at Work held a quite extensive media stream under the banner of the International Media Festival for Prevention. One of the entries, “Shoelaces“, has already been mentioned on this blog but there was a much greater variety.

These videos may be several years old (the Congress is held every three years) and can be watched from several perspectives.  Several, like “Shoelaces”, offers an immediate emotional impact.  Others require or deserve several views.  Almost all of them should be appreciated for the creativity that they have applied to the topic of occupational health and safety. Continue reading “Recent safety videos”

“Shoelaces” – a safety ad that is impossible to ignore

The World Congress on Safety And Health 2017 has awarded some media producers for their occupational health and safety (OHS) themed productions.  Below is one of them.

There is some thematic similarity to WorkSafe Victoria’s Homecoming campaign, specifically to the child wait for the Father to return from work and the mother on the phone, but there are different emotional touchpoints.

A major part of the emotional impact comes from the ad not dealing with a workplace fatality.  The reaction from the Father in the hospital bed is powerful.

The ad is well worth watching and sharing.

Kevin Jones

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