Workplace deaths lead to reforms but not of workplace safety

Australia’s Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, has provided a clear indication that, although Julia Gillard may understand OHS, his department does not. In 2009, several installers of domestic insulation died.  One died from heat stress from working in the ceiling space, another was electrocuted as the metal staple he was using to install foil insulation pierced an electricity cable.  Now the political heat is … Continue reading “Workplace deaths lead to reforms but not of workplace safety”

Unintended consequences of inadequate preparation

The Australian Government instigated a rebate scheme f0r ceiling insulation for domestic homes in order to the climatic impacts of heating one’s home.  The rebates effectively make insulation free and, as a result, there is a boom in  insulation installation. As with any boom in any industry, there is an influx of new workers.  The Australian newspaper … Continue reading “Unintended consequences of inadequate preparation”

The safety of “green” jobs

At the Australian Labor Party conference currently happening in Sydney, the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, announced a program to create “green” jobs or jobs from the renewable energy and environmental sectors. The program sounds a lot like the previous (Conservative) government’s Jobs for the Dole scheme – same unemployment sector different focus.  Rudd’s program is … Continue reading “The safety of “green” jobs”