Please not another type of leadership

My high school English teacher, Mrs Kenny, taught me to précis writing.  It has been a very useful tool in my careers but also increases my frustration with unnecessary words. All the recent attention to the importance of Leadership in business and workplace safety has led to lots of different varieties of Leadership.  A recent video from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health illustrates one of them.

The video focusses on Influential leadership yet if you were to remove the word “influential” the video would make just as much sense.

The participants are really only talking about leadership.  They discuss how leaders can be effective by listening, following through on promises, being inspiring, asking questions that they should have been asking already, by saying no or slowing the pace, and valuing their staff as a vital resource.

These activities are part of leadership not a new type of leadership, but it seems that the bets way to promote seminars and conferences is to promise something new, even when it is the same as the old.

Kevin Jones

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