Barry Naismith

Barry Naismith

Barry Naismith is the first to accept the humanisation challenge. Barry has a long commitment to occupational health and safety (OHS) and social justice. He has independently produced many analytical papers about Victorian occupational health and safety data and its broader social context. He is also behind the very active Facebook page for OHSIntros.

  • How did you get into Health & Safety?
    Was a subject at uni while studying science. Most students were bored by it. But I thought there was “something in this”.
  • What drives you?
    Shock of the new … it’s already 20 years into the 21st century people! Lots of things will change. And time’s too short for old blokes to dilly dally on the ‘same old’
  • What helps you slow down?
    Advancing age
  • OHS regrets?
    Not kicking down enough doors when working for a regulator
  • Favourite nonfiction writer?
    Anyone now writing about the socio-economics of sustainability and no-harms. Currently reading Clive Ponting
  • What is one OHS trend you are watching keenly?
    The influence of wellbeing on preventing “blood on the floor”
  • Person/s who you watch and take inspiration from in OHS that you think will have an increasing impact in the sector.
    Kevin Jones (had to say that). John Merritt. [links added]
  • What are you most excited about in our sector?
    The capacity of OHS to continue to reduce work harms
  • What’s your favourite quote?
    “We are not here for a haircut!” – stolen from John Merritt
  • Biggest issue facing the OHS profession?
    Work disruption and the inability of OHS to make a business case for relevance
  • What do you wish you had understood about OHS sooner?
    The ripple effect of work harm on the community. This is an underlying theme of my current work.
  • What would you like to see to improve collaboration in OHS?
    More searching discussion about the future of OHS. It must evolve.
  • What should you have been doing whilst you answered this?
    Crunching data for my next paper
  • What do you think of safetyatworkblog?
    Important OHS brain food. Sign up and join the discussion – after all, we are not here for a haircut.

It is as easy as that, so please consider contributing. You don’t need to be as brief as Barry, Wade Needham said the questions were quite challenging and caused a lot of reflection but either degree is fine.

The aim of this option is to provide OHS professionals with an opportunity to place a brief and interesting profile on the internet beyond the usually bland LinkedIn profiles.

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