Devil’s Dust – Australian movie on asbestos and corporate morality

On November 11 and 12 2012, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast “Devil’s Dust”, a two-part movie about asbestos in Australia.  This is not a documentary on asbestos-related diseases.  It follows the story of investigative journalist Matt Peacock from the 1970s to the present day in parallel with the corporate machinations of James Hardie Industries … Continue reading “Devil’s Dust – Australian movie on asbestos and corporate morality”

Army notice on asbestos bags is warning for all workplaces

Various sectors of the Australian media have been reporting on the potential use of asbestos-tainted sacks by Australian soldiers and Defence personnel.  Asbestos exposure is a recurring risk for the Australian armed services due to items in use, such as the dummy, and the existence of asbestos in various buildings. The issue of asbestos persisting in sacks was given … Continue reading “Army notice on asbestos bags is warning for all workplaces”

Union continues pressure on asbestos as an urgent public health issue

Following on from Asbestos Awareness Week, an ABC media report on 3 December 2009 says that the Australian Workers Union is continuing to apply pressure to the Tasmanian Government and Cement Australia for testing of former employees  and local residents for exposure to asbestos. An epidemiological study of former employees has been agreed to by the company and is being conducted … Continue reading “Union continues pressure on asbestos as an urgent public health issue”

Asbestos Awareness Week – journalist conversation

On 25 November 2009, the Victorian Trades Hall hosted a conversation on asbestos and corporate management between two well-respected Australian journalists and writers, Matt Peacock and Gideon Haigh.  Over the last few years both have produced excellent books focusing on the role of James Hardie Industries in the asbestos industry in Australia. The books, Killer Company and Asbestos House, respectively, provide different perspectives … Continue reading “Asbestos Awareness Week – journalist conversation”

Good corporate advice tainted by poisonous product

In Matt Peacock’s book, “Killer Company“, an entire chapter is devoted to the legacy of the James Hardie chairman, John B Reid.  In Peacock’s talk at Trades Hall in October 2009, he mentioned that Reid had once published a book called “Commonsense Corporate Governance”.  The apparent hypocrisy of an executive of a company that knowingly … Continue reading “Good corporate advice tainted by poisonous product”

Revealing podcast on asbestos in Australia

On 15 October 2009, Matt Peacock, a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and author of a new book on asbestos and the James Hardie company, “Killer Company: James Hardie Exposed” spoke publicly at Trades Hall in Victoria. Peacock has allowed an edited version of his presentation to be used as a SafetyAtWork podcast which can … Continue reading “Revealing podcast on asbestos in Australia”

Asbestos and corruption as a case study

Australia has been a major supplier of asbestos to the world for decades.  It has also been a major corporate beneficiary of the revenue for the sale of this poisonous material. The latest situation in Melbourne is a good example of all that is wrong with asbestos and worker exposure.  According to reports in The … Continue reading “Asbestos and corruption as a case study”