Consultation is soooo radical

The occupational health and safety (OHS) sector has made much noise about workplace safety cultures. So, it is interesting to watch corporate debates on culture, especially with the increased attention to the psychological harm that some cultures create for workers. The Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) BOSS section included a short article about the the possible …

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Poor OHS consultation creates COVID disputes

One of the first Australian companies to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, SPC, was back in the newspapers today concerning booster shots. SPC’s Chairman, Hussein Rifai, said he will not be making boosters compulsory: “After rolling out a full vaccination policy in August, Rifai’s SPC workers have already beaten him to the third dose.“We’re just not seeing …

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Collaboration = Consultation

There is a range of “fringe” events happening at the 2018 National Conference of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Adelaide at the moment.  One concerned “Strengthening Workers’ Voices”.  The discussion focused around placing worker representatives on company Boards.  One delegate asked the most important question – should these worker representatives be union members?...

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Western Australia opens consultation on WHS laws

On June 28 2018 in the West Australian Parliament, the Minister for Commerce and Industrial Relations, Bill Johnston, progressed the State’s move to towards harmonised Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws.  According to Hansard, Johnston said “Last July, I formed a ministerial advisory panel to advise on the development of a single, harmonised and comprehensive work …

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ACCC releases Issues Paper to start public quad bike safety consultation

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released an issues paper on quad bike safety with a deadline for public submissions of mid-December 2017.  An ACCC spokesperson has advised that submissions will be made available to the public through the website unless privacy and confidentiality is requested. A draft recommendation is scheduled for early …

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OHS consultation through social media – the new (and better) way

For a little while employers, government and trade unions in Australia were spreading their consultative pool on occupational health and safety (OHS) matters.  Recently that triumvirate seems to have returned to a more exclusive structure.  The reason is unclear but the situation is a backward step and one that fails to take advantage of the … Continue reading “OHS consultation through social media – the new (and better) way”

Australian senator sees OHS consultation as “collusion”

In response to correspondence from an Australian safety professional, Senator Eric Abetz, Federal Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, has displayed his ignorance of occupational health and safety (OHS) laws.  In the  email response, reproduced in full below and dated 26 April 2012, Senator Abetz, accuses “big Government” “big unions and big business” of … Continue reading “Australian senator sees OHS consultation as “collusion””