Noisy Buggers in the Post-COVID world

Guest Post by Melody Kemp In my more bizarre moments, I can imagine the cockpit conversation: ‘Hey Bill, there’s the blue and white house. We turn left here’‘Bob, Copy. Over.’ Of course, it’s nonsense to think that the complexities of aircraft take-offs and landings would depend on visual cues, rather than complex technology, weather and … Continue reading “Noisy Buggers in the Post-COVID world”

“We cannot buy the health of people with money”

By Melody Kemp Walking my dog along the Mekong in Vientiane, new piles of building rubble litter the river bank. The capital has long had a problem with plastic waste, but as unbridled wealth spreads and humble buildings are replaced by garish McMansions, building rubble is turning up in the general detritus. Among the bricks … Continue reading ““We cannot buy the health of people with money””

Out of Range – Work Risks of Wildlife Protection Officers

by Melody Kemp  “It was nine at night and the shooters had the advantage of superior fire power and night vision goggles …. We stood no chance. Two friends were killed…” David Paklett, a Wildlife Ranger working in Tanzania pulled up his trouser leg and showed me an ugly red scar that looked a bit … Continue reading “Out of Range – Work Risks of Wildlife Protection Officers”

Asbestos – out of sight but not out of mind in Asia

By Melody Kemp Asbestos resembles polio. Just when you think it’s beaten, it returns like some ghoul. If you think this is overly dramatic, last year Laos was struck by a polio outbreak. This year we learned that Laos now ranks amongst the globe’s major importers of asbestos. And it’s driven by cynical market forces targeting … Continue reading “Asbestos – out of sight but not out of mind in Asia”

How much attention should we give to gender in OHS?

I once had to stop a potential fight on a construction site between a works supervisor and a safety professional.  The verbal abuse and niggling occurred for several minutes before the men’s chest were inflated like roosters and it was at this point I stepped in to diffuse the situation by asking some questions as …

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The Social Media is the Message

Melody Kemp in Vientiane writes: The apoplectic brouhaha that greeted Wikileaks in the past few months has shown us the power of the internet to upstage, discomfit and enrage.  Governments like corporations operate under a variety of ‘commercial-in-confidence’ scores, the cadence of which changes with the degree of self interest at hand.  That Wikileaks has … Continue reading “The Social Media is the Message”