Australia’s election looks like it will miss workplace safety

The Australian Treasurer, Scott Morrison, released his 2016 Budget in early May 2016.  The principal aim of the Budget and Liberal Party election campaign announced on 8 May 2016 is to create “jobs and growth”.  Every one of those jobs should be a safe job for many reasons other than saving lives, but none of …

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Book review: Business, Environment, and Society – Themes and Cases

Australia’s Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program (HIP) spent a great deal of time looking at the design of what started as an environmental initiative delivered in one way to an economic stimulus package delivered another way.  The HIP, and the people working with it, struggled to accommodate these changes.  A new book from … Continue reading “Book review: Business, Environment, and Society – Themes and Cases”

Nothing is more important than (safe) jobs

Richard Marles is a Federal Member of Australia’s Parliament and a former executive of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.  He has produced an opinion piece that is doing the rounds of the Victorian media  and is headed “Nothing is more important than jobs“.  The 80 jobs to be created in the Corio electoral are … Continue reading “Nothing is more important than (safe) jobs”

Victoria’s analysis of OHS law costs is unhelpful politics

The Victorian Government has released the PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) assessment of the potential economic impacts of the introduction of the national Work Health and safety laws. The government media statement accompanying the report states that “The proposed laws do not deliver on the intent of the COAG reform agreed to in 2008 which aimed to reduce the … Continue reading “Victoria’s analysis of OHS law costs is unhelpful politics”

Workplace deaths lead to reforms but not of workplace safety

Australia’s Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, has provided a clear indication that, although Julia Gillard may understand OHS, his department does not. In 2009, several installers of domestic insulation died.  One died from heat stress from working in the ceiling space, another was electrocuted as the metal staple he was using to install foil insulation pierced an electricity cable.  Now the political heat is … Continue reading “Workplace deaths lead to reforms but not of workplace safety”