SafetyAtWorkBlog named a Top Blog by LexisNexis

SafetyAtWorkBlog is very proud to receive a top blog award for 2013 from LexisNexis Legal Newsroom.  Each year’s list provides important reviews on influential OHS and workers compensation blogs, principally in America.  We urge readers to investigate the other winners in this list.

On SafetyAtWork Blog, LexisNexis says

“Worker safety is an issue beyond America’s borders. For an interesting and refreshing perspective on workplace safety, one can travel electronically to the “Land Down Under” to read the work of Australian editor, Kevin Jones, and his several contributors. Offering “news, commentary and opinion” on workplace safety and health, Safetyatworkblog offers multiple posts each week. While the articles are obviously directed to Australian issues, one is drawn to the fact that the arguments ring true here as well….”

Lexis Nexis says that

“These top blog sites contain some of the best writing out there on workers’ compensation and workplace issues. They provide a wealth of information for the workers’ compensation community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, practice tips, and helpful links to other sites. Continue reading “SafetyAtWorkBlog named a Top Blog by LexisNexis”

Possible access changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog content

Several times over the years, I have had to remind people that although this blog appears on the internet, it is not free to use or republish, the most recent reminder was last month.  However very recently the intellectual property of the SafetyAtWorkBlog is almost being rewritten and reissued.

SafetyAtWorkBlog should continued to be published as an accessible information resource to all  but I must now seriously considered restricting access to many of the articles through password protection.  There are no plans to apply fees for accessing the articles but the abuse of intellectual property suggests restrictions should be applied.

I would welcome your thoughts on imposing these changes.  Please post comments as per normal or contact me directly through the link below.

Kevin Jones

Unauthorised use of SafetyAtWorkBlog articles

Recently, I had to demand that an Australia OHS news website remove the SafetyAtWorkBlog articles that it had republished on its website without my permission.

I appreciate the thanks I receive for writing this blog but if you wish to republish anything other than excerpts, please contact me.  The copyright statement that accompanies every SafetyAtWorkBlog is not for decoration and will be enforced as much as it can.

Just please ask for permission.  I am not unreasonable.

Please remember that I am a freelance writer and you are welcome to commission me to write OHS articles for you exclusively.

Kevin Jones

Copyright infringements

Over the last couple of weeks I have had to chase websites that have reproduced entire SafetyAtWorkBlog articles without any permission.  Please pay careful attention to the Copyright Notice on the left of the page, and reproduced below.

Those who reproduce articles without permission will be contacted to remove the content or be invoiced for the use of the copyrighted article.

Please remember that requests can be emailed to me at the link below.  Most of the existing articles can be purchased through Newstex and you can always commission articles.

Kevin Jones Continue reading “Copyright infringements”