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Several times over the years, I have had to remind people that although this blog appears on the internet, it is not free to use or republish, the most recent reminder was last month.  However very recently the intellectual property of the SafetyAtWorkBlog is almost being rewritten and reissued.

SafetyAtWorkBlog should continued to be published as an accessible information resource to all  but I must now seriously considered restricting access to many of the articles through password protection.  There are no plans to apply fees for accessing the articles but the abuse of intellectual property suggests restrictions should be applied.

I would welcome your thoughts on imposing these changes.  Please post comments as per normal or contact me directly through the link below.

Kevin Jones

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9 thoughts on “Possible access changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog content”

  1. It would be a shame to change the current format. As a safety professional, trying to keep up with changing OHS attitudes and methods can be quite difficult. your articles are a great way help us keep abreast of emerging issues.

  2. Can relate/understand your anger and disappointment. Will go with whatever you decide, just keep these articles coming. I really enjoy reading them and many times they have given me ideas and assistance with my OHS studies.

  3. It would be a shame for it to go that way (another password to remember!) but understandable under the circumstances.

  4. It would be a shame that the innocent pay with inconvenience due to guilty parties actions.

    Have given the offenders a \’father son\’ lecture on right & wrong\’?

  5. Kevin, I consider that what is being done is extremely unethical. I would consider reissuing your blogs [even with some rewriiting] as stealing your intellectual property and infringing on your copyright. I personally would have no problems with your making access to your articles password protected but would this impact on the number of people who might read the important information that you publish. Frequently while searching for a topic an article in your blog comes up and I think this is a way that many people find their way onto your site and then subscribe. If you did pasword protect would it be possible to have a brief summary to entice people who might be interested to subscribe to the blog.

  6. I understand your annoyance Kevin! Maybe you could take the issue up with the \”offenders\” if you know who they are and leave the rest of us with easy access. And post reminders every now and again about intellectual property and copyright!

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