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Dear Readers

It is fairly clear that I write for a living.  Recently there have been several cases of bloggers and websites using my postings without permission.  This used to be called stealing.

I frequently share my work with magazines, websites and others, if they ask first and tell me why they want it.

If you like what you read and want to tell your colleagues, that’s great.  It’s even better if you commission work from me.  But please ask for reuse of my articles.  Thieves never get permission.

Kevin Jones

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4 thoughts on “Stolen blog articles”

  1. Hi Kevin

    First of all I need to qualify that this email isn\’t generated out of guilt! I was rather, wishing to clarify how I had intended to use an aspect of your article in a document I am preparing to go out to our Business Managers in relation to be \”pro-active\” with respect to safety.

    There are aspects of your recent BHP fatality articles which fit into this and I would either like to quote aspects of them or indeed simply link to the Blog, the former being the preferred option.

    Your thoughts please.

    Jon Lloyd
    Group OHS Manager
    Coote Industrial Limited

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