OHS campaign on accommodation

WorkSafe Western Australia has announced a campaign on improving the OHS of workers in the accommodation sector for the next twelve months.  The campaign is supported by a newsletter which includes a very useful safety checklist.  WorkSafe WA has specified on its website, the following areas of interest:

Electrical Safety – provision and testing of residual current devices, maintenance of electrical equipment i.e. exposed electrical wires

Manual tasks – ensuring training, safe work systems/procedures, provision of equipment, supervision and consultation are in place;

Slips trips and falls – ensuring employees are not exposed to slippery floors, uneven surfaces or blocked walkways.

Sharps and Body fluids – ensuring that employees are aware of the hazards associated with dealing with sharps and body fluids and procedures are in place

Hazardous Substances – ensuring a hazardous substance register and material safety data sheets are available, that risk assessments have been completed and training provided to employees who use such substances.

Kevin Jones

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