Merry Christmas from SafetyAtWorkBlog

I want to personally thank all of the loyal readers of SafetyAtWorkBlog  for your support in the last twelve months.  The blog stats is kicking along nicely but its prominence in OHS discussions, particularly in Australia, is growing stronger.

This year the blog has been blessed by perceptive and controversial articles by Col Finnie and Yossi Berger, in particular.  These contributions spread the workload but also broaden the voice of the SafetyAtWorkBlog.  (Now if only the unsolicited advertising masquerading as blog contributions would stop…. )

I will be taking some time away from the blog in January but the Twitter account will continue to scour media sources around the world for relevant content.  Please consider following SafetyOZ on Twitter and please keep emailing your suggestions for articles and your OHS tip-offs (we follow-up each one).

All the best

Kevin Jones

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One thought on “Merry Christmas from SafetyAtWorkBlog”

  1. Merry Christmas to Kevin and all the readers of this blog site.

    2011 has been a huge year for me suddenly the workers compensation has discovered that I really don’t go away.

    I hope that this is a safe time for each of you and that Santa delivers each of you a wondrous 2012.

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