Mobile safety glasses and optometrist

At last week’s Work Health and Safety trade show in Sydney Australia, the most intriguing exhibitor was a mobile optometrist who provides safety eyewear. I was able to talk with Cristy Neilson of PSG Eyewear about how this service works.

Here is a Safety At Work Talks podcast of the interview.

Kevin Jones

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One thought on “Mobile safety glasses and optometrist”

  1. This is a great idea! One of the biggest issues we have as a safety glasses company is out of date eye tests and also having people try on frames before they buy. While we do offer a ‘frame only’ option with a full refund, it would be so much better to rock up on site and have people tested and try on their frames before they buy. This would help reduce issues for us at the back end but also make sure that the customer was getting the right frame for them.
    A genius idea from Cristy and I am sure that companies love being able to get their employees fitted out without someone in procurement having to manage prescriptions! Great interview!

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