Queensland plans for a safety culture for quad bikes

[Guest Post from Dave Robertson of Quadbar] On March 3 2016, the Queensland government released its “Statewide Plan for Improving Quad Bike Safety”. The document covers a wide range of issues but risk controls like substitution and engineering only get small mention. According to the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations,  Grace Grace, the government intends … Continue reading “Queensland plans for a safety culture for quad bikes”

PCBUs, farms, quad bikes and safety – a speculation

Soon another Australian State, South Australia, will be using the concept of the PCBU – the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking in its occupational health and safety laws. This concept has the potential to expand OHS laws well beyond the traditional factory fence or office and the recent discussion on the safety of quad … Continue reading “PCBUs, farms, quad bikes and safety – a speculation”

The Australian Government looks to apply “above-the-line” safety to quad bikes

At the end of August 2012, Australia’s Minster for Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, released a discussion paper on quad bike safety. The intention of the discussion paper is a: “…calls for submissions on potential improvements to quad bike safety to reduce the alarming rate of quad bike fatalities and injuries…. The comments received will be discussed … Continue reading “The Australian Government looks to apply “above-the-line” safety to quad bikes”

New OHS laws could change the management of quad bikes

Dr Tony Lower has written an opinion piece in the December 2011 edition of the Medical Journal of Australia (not available without a subscription however a related media release is) about farm safety.  One statistic he quotes says: “In tractors, rollover fatalities have decreased by 60% after the introduction of regulations requiring compulsory rollover protection structures.” The … Continue reading “New OHS laws could change the management of quad bikes”

Safety Alert on quad bikes

The New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment has released a formal Health and Safety Alert of quad bikes.  As it is not yet available online, it is included below. Kevin Jones Footnote: Quad bike safety will be given a rest for a little while unless there is a significant issue. KJ

Of stunning, short-lived cactus flowers and quad bikes

The smoke from the mine: It has been a frighteningly bad month in the mining industry internationally.  OHS meetings I attended during this period have been hushed as a result of the New Zealand tragedies.  Discussions about OHS have become more pertinent and more accurate – for the time being.  But this, like stunning but … Continue reading “Of stunning, short-lived cactus flowers and quad bikes”

Ergonomics of quad bikes – new research

While the New Zealand government is investigating agricultural safety issues, researchers from the University of Otago have looked at the ergonomic issues associated with the loss of control (LOC) of quad bikes by drivers. According to a University of Otago media release, researchers Dr Stephan Milosavljevic and Dr Allan Carman published a paper in the current … Continue reading “Ergonomics of quad bikes – new research”

New OHS advice on quad bikes

On 22 March 2010, Workplace Health & Safety Queensland released new guidance on the use 0f quad bikes. There is no radical solution to quad bike deaths but there are some variations to existing advice which should be noted. The most obvious is that “quad bike” is used through instead of ATV (all-terrain vehicle).  This may … Continue reading “New OHS advice on quad bikes”

Australia’s Comcare issues safety alert on quad bikes

On 22 January 2010 Comcare issued a safety alert concerning the use of quad bikes (available on the Comcare website from 25 January 2010): “Employers who own and operate quad bikes should be aware of the hazards and potential safety risks. Following some recent accidents while operating quad bikes, a draft Code of Practice is currently being developed … Continue reading “Australia’s Comcare issues safety alert on quad bikes”

Quad Bikes – industry response

On 30 November 2009, the CEO of The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Andrew McKellar, responded to some of the issues raised in recent SafetyAtWorkBlog articles concerning the safety of quad bikes. McKellar emphasised that a balanced approach to ATV safety discussions is required.  He said: “In terms of a statistical outcome, the results show that, on balance, [ROPS] … Continue reading “Quad Bikes – industry response”