Why are we arguing about Industrial Manslaughter laws?

On the issue of Industrial Manslaughter laws, Lana Cormie (pictured far right) said: “Employers need to have motivation to do the right thing, ’cause clearly they don’t do it off their own back.  So, if that means, if this’ll be the difference between them making OH&S a high priority and not, then it needs to … Continue reading “Why are we arguing about Industrial Manslaughter laws?”

Sexual harassment Code developed in isolation

Screen Australia has released its sexual harassment code of conduct.  If any film project in Australia desires government funding it will need to comply with this Code.  The Code is a good starting point and will need support from a broad range of elements of the entertainment industry but this Code is indicative of problems …

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Video Update #3

It’s been a couple of busy weeks at SafetyAtWorkBlog with three public speaking engagements: Central Safety Group – ISO45001 Young Safety Professionals network – Reliable workplace health and safety information sources NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo – Business Bullshit and how workplace health and safety relates. Below is a video update about this activity … Continue reading “Video Update #3”

#MeToo, #TimesUp and #OHS

Being International Women’s Day, the media is awash with articles about pay rates, gender equality and sexual harassment.  One of those articles is written by Sarah Ralph of Norton Rose Fullbright. Ralph provides a good summary of the current gender issues and recent media attention (may require registration but it’s free).  She makes several recommendations … Continue reading “#MeToo, #TimesUp and #OHS”

The review of Australia’s OHS laws starts

In 19 February 2018, Safe Work Australia (SWA) “launched” the independent review of Australia’s Work Health and Safety laws under former Executive Director of SafeWorkSA, Marie Boland.  SWA has released a 49-page discussion paper, a summary and a list of questions.  Below is an initial response to some of those questions. What are your views on …

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Hyperbole over new OHS Standard

The hyperbole about ISO45001 keeps coming now that the International Standard for Occupational Health and Management Systems has been finalised and due for publication on March 18 2018. On February 1 2018, Vic Toy, chair of the US technical advisory group is quoted in EHS Today: “ISO45001 is one of the most significant developments in … Continue reading “Hyperbole over new OHS Standard”