New play about the impact of workplace death

In June 2009, a small theatre company in Australia will be performing a play call “Prophet and Loss”.  According to a colleague of mine, John Bottomley, it is a

thought-provoking and powerful theatre performance telling true stories of some WGS clients bereaved by work-related death. As we at Creative Ministries Network seek to understand the challenges of responding to injustice and grief, we have found others have grappled with these challenges from Biblical times.

This unique production draws upon the Biblical writing in the book of Isaiah and the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth to honour the journey imposed upon so many of our clients by unjust circumstances. We hope it also adds a contemporary voice to the cry of people across the ages for healing, justice and reconciliation.

The Creative Ministries Network provides excellent support for families who have suffered a workplace fatality.

Kevin Jones

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