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Regular readers will notice a new Tweet button at the base of each blog article.  By clicking this button you are able to bring the article to the attention of your followers through Twitter.

I encourage you to use this free service but equally encourage you to provide your thoughts on the article so that everyone can determine how wrong I am, how misguided I am or how right you are.  Comments on blog articles are the best method of continuous improvement.

Kevin Jones

reservoir, victoria, australia
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3 thoughts on “Tweet button on articles”

  1. that\’s very good idea. More people will be informed with safety related topics which are very important.
    My suggestion is add not only tweeter button but also other social bookmarking sharing button and email to friend.

  2. Is that continuous improvement or continual improvement? Or should I just get my hat and coat and continue to leave!

  3. Hi Kevin I admit I am behind the times, but I am not a fan of Twitter, FaceBook or Myspace even phone texting. Social networking via the internet to me is simply an annoyance, I do send text messages, but I much prefer to make a phone call, send an e-mail or add a comment to a site than use any of the social networks where I have to invite or reject who ever it is that sends me a message.

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