Lurkers welcome but participation is encouraged.

Last year I was tweeting about a conference I was attending (@SafetyOZ for those who are new to Twitter) only to have a stranger come to me at morning tea and say that they were enjoying my tweets.  This week I asked a question at a seminar on workers compensation and again a stranger introduced themselves and said to me how much they enjoy reading this blog.

To all those lurkers reading this blog please make yourself known.  Comment if you want, and don’t be afraid of sounding stupid (I’m not), as all comments are moderated and if something does not make sense, I will email you.

Kevin Jones

reservoir, victoria, australia
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2 thoughts on “Lurkers welcome but participation is encouraged.”

  1. I am doing a Diploma in OHS and I have found the articles that I receive regularly in my email box are fantastic and a big help with my studies. They are thought provoking and rattle my brain which is just what I need.

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