Holidays but the blog goes on

For the next two months, I will be travelling to Switzerland, England and Scotland on a long-planned holiday. I will be producing fewer blog articles over that time, but I have commissioned articles from several occupational health professionals I admire. These articles will offer different OHS perspectives and relate to countries other than Australia, hopefully, leading towards coverage of November’s OHS Congress in Sydney.

I intend to interview interesting workers on my travels with this content appearing in SafetyAtWorkBlog, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Threads, Facebook and maybe Soundcloud, depending on the ease of upload. I would love you to follow, and message, me on those social media platforms.

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Holidays but the blog goes on”

    1. Thank you Daniel. I could describe it as a mental health break but then I would not be managing the blog at all. I cannot turn OHS off in my brain but I can certainly dial it back a bit. My colleagues’ articles will fill a gap.

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