OHS Review Issues paper

The first issues paper on OHS law reform on a national basis in Australia is now available on line at http://www.nationalohsreview.gov.au/ohs/PublicSubmissions/ 

Analysis and comment will be provided over the next few weeks. Please feel free to establish discussions on any elements of the review by commenting at SafetyAtWorkBlog.

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One thought on “OHS Review Issues paper”

  1. Had a fairly quick read of the issues paper. I plan to do a submission. Fifteen years either writing or supervising the writing of Victoria’s OHS laws, 3 years heading up the guidance material writing unit at WorkSafe Victoria and now about 4 years working in my own OHS business has me more than interested in the outcome of this review.

    An initial unsettling feeling I got from the issues paper is the sense that the review group may be looking to throw everything on the table. I got the impression that the terms of reference were fundamentally about finding out what good stuff is already in place and how do we get to a national OHS Act that is a of “best of the best” national OHS law. Lots of the prompt questions in the issues paper don’t seem to have that flavour.

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