Important changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog

Over the last 9 years SafetyAtWorkBlog has established a solid presence in the OHS online world.  It has gained international notice and awards and has a voice much larger than its pool of subscribers and followers. Occupational health and safety needed voices after years (decades?) of OHS professionals being overly cautious about expressing their well-informed opinions and creating debates and, sometimes, controversy.

Now it is time for the SafetyAtWorkBlog to take the next step in its sustainability.


For the SafetyAtWorkBlog to continue to grow, a subscription model will be introduced from February 4 2017. For an annual subscription, followers will be able to access exclusive safety articles and interviews. Occasionally articles will be published for free but over 90% of content will be available only to subscribers.

Over the next few months, the blog will include exclusive safety articles about gender diversity, interviews with new and international voices, coverage of (at least) one international OHS convention as well as the usual analysis of safety-related activities and issues in Australia and elsewhere.


SafetyAtWorkBlog will also be accepting limited advertising for the first time.  So, if you have a product or service that you want to let OHS professionals and regulators know about, contact me.  We intend to have no advertising in the subscriber articles.


I have always encouraged people to comment on SafetyAtWorkBlog articles, to provide a new context and to tell me if I am wrong.  This article is no different.  If you have comments or questions about the next stage in the blog’s development, please post them below.  This will allow me to provide answers that may help other readers understand what’s going on.

Kevin Jones


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4 thoughts on “Important changes to SafetyAtWorkBlog”

  1. Fair call Kevin.You have worked long and hard to create the profile. An important part of sustainability is ensuring ongoing funding to resource the time commitment. It will be a loss to the ‘free to air’ content but I hope that you get good support through the subscriptions.

  2. Nice work, big step, well done.

    Do you have a waiting list or sales page ready? People will want to check it out right away, even if just to pop their email in as an expression of interest…

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