Economic fallout of Apache Energy pipeline explosion


According to an AAP report published in The Australian on 6 June 2008, Paul Adams, head of research at DJ Carmichael, spoke about the impact of the Apache Energy explosion.

“If damage to the Apache plant turned out to be significant, the incident had the potential to “hit WA’s mining industry hard”, Mr Adams said.

Apache could face a massive compensation bill if the incident was found to be the result of negligent maintenance practices, Mr Adams said.”

Further details emerged about the damage from the explosion.  Apparently at least three of Apache Energy’s online pipelines were on fire.  Apache could not say how long the shut down of the plant would continue for as the site needs to be further investigated.

Incident scene 5 June 2008



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3 thoughts on “Economic fallout of Apache Energy pipeline explosion”

  1. The National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority has advised me that it, and not WorkSafe WA, sent inspectors to the Apache Energy facilities within days of the explosion. The inspection has been completed and the report is being finalised. Whether this report will become public is unknown.

  2. The fallout continues from this pipeline disaster with many companies needing to rely on support and emergency energy supplies.. For instance Newmont Mining is now processing all of the ore from its largest gold mine using very expensive diesel.

    Apache Energy has forecast a two month repair period for the damaged pipeline and even then it will only allow partial supply.

    The isolation of many West Australian mines is compounding the problem.

    More information on WorkSafe WA’s processing of this near-miss will be included in an upcoming blog post

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