Safety from an Australian/Asian perspective

Several years ago, one of the major contributors to my Safety At Work magazine came to stay for a couple of weeks with my family in Melbourne.  Melody Kemp is a passionate safety professional who works mostly in the Asian region.  Melody has a fresh and blunt perspective on safety that keeps westerners and academics from becoming too pompous and isolated.

Melody wrote articles for me on women in the defence force, Indonesian fishing industry hazards and several other fascinating articles.   She has written for Dissent magazine, was the author of Working For Life – an OHS sourcebook for women, which is now a free download, and now has a blog of her own.  I highly recommend you spend some time reading her blog and reflecting on your own approach to OHS.

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One thought on “Safety from an Australian/Asian perspective”

  1. What a ripper. Had some dealings with Melody quite a few years ago. She has produced some very excellent guidance stuff for Indonesian village fisherman. Brilliant examples of sticking to the important stuff. Cheers for the link to her blog KJ.

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