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hss0052-1rklifts-developing-0x167b100p-974trafficmanagement-08eb416clanOn 30 March 2009, WorkSafe Victoria released a suggested traffic management plan for forklift trucks.  It basically reiterates the regulators calls over many years of separating pedestrian walkways from traffic areas.

WorkSafe is, justifiably, concerned over this type of workplace machinery and the risks presented by its inappropriate use, as seen by its response to forklift high-jinks recently.

Tomorrow in the Safety In Action Trade Show there will be a forklift driving competition.  This will involve

“Obstacle course tests forklift driver hand-eye coordination and skills. Thousands in prize money”

and there will be 

“Colour, movement, competition, clumsy forklifts moving with grace and speed”

Let’s hope they move safely.

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Forklift truck safety marketing”

  1. This is pretty cool. Its one of those things where it doesnt seem like an amazing skill to have until you see someone who is practiced start to drive a forklift. Like the obstacle course- i could probably get through it in an hour (hopefully!), but these guys probably do it with their eyes closed.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Good point. You\’ll be very pleased to hear safety is a critical element in the judging of the forklift champs. Here’s an excerpt from a more comprehensive and earlier media release regarding the event:

    This is the first year the finals, which are organised by Melbourne Materials Handling sponsor the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), have been hosted at the trade show. Championship Coordinator, Bill Henman, says the trade show\’s focus on both the materials handling and safety sectors make it a good fit.

    “People who operate forklifts, perform forklift operations, use racking systems, etc will be visiting the trade show, so it gives them the opportunity to see people from around Australia competing at a national level in the Championships at the same time,” he said.

    Spectators of the event will see operators drive through a negotiated course to test their hand-eye coordination and skills, which are aligned to the national load shifting standards for high risk plant.

    “A lot of employers believe their forklift drivers are not too bad, but in actual fact they’re not driving the way they should be. If they come to the Championships they will be able to observe how a driver should operate to a standard,” Henman said.

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