As 2014 is about to start I wanted to thank the readers of SafetyAtWorkBlog for your continued support.  The number of articles is down a little this year principally because the full-time work I have currently, building a railway in Victoria, has limited me to around two or three articles a week.  Yet there remains around 400 readers a day and the blog again garnered some international recognition.

Curiously in 2013 a lot of traffic has come through LinkedIn which seems to be changing from a contact network to an information network, as seen with some of the very good OHS discussion forums there.  I have had regular emails from people who read the blog solely through LinkedIn so perhaps I should be adding the LinkedIn readers to the blog’s total.

Also, I should not forget SafetyOz‘s Twitter followers as we close on 1000 followers, all of which are OHS professionals, regulators or service providers.  Twitter is another way of spreading the word about SafetyAtWorkBlog articles but it also allows for much more frequent updates on stories of the day.  It is perhaps the news bulletin to SafetyAtWorkBlog’s analysis.

My railway safety contract ends in 2014 and the future is uncertain but I will continue with articles that, it seems, spark discussion or contribute to important OHS and WHS matters.  As an OHS professional it is my duty to work on keeping people safe and I hope that I can continue to help you and the profession do the same in the future.

Kevin Jones

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7 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Happy New Year, Kevin – and keep up the great work: 2014 promises to be more than usually interesting in this field. (The new Cwth Guidelines and our forthcoming diagnostic app for WB&H should help.)

  2. I concur with those comments already posted, well done Kevin, although I do not contribute to a lot of your posts I do like what you have to say. Keep it up in 2014.

  3. Dear Kevin, it has been a pleasure working with you in 2013 and reading your safety blog, in fact, exposure to your sharp mind and great safety insight has been a highlight for me. May your journey in 2014 continue to bring you great success and I hope we work together in the future. Many kind regards, Cass xoxo

  4. Hi Kevin
    I think we should be thanking you instead for your efforts and diligence in presenting these reports
    all the best for the new year Michael Seager

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