Safety At Work Talks podcast now on iTunes

SafetyAtWorkBlog’s new podcast series “Safety At Work Talks” is now available through iTunes at

The first episode is a conversation with Professor Sidney Dekker.

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2 thoughts on “Safety At Work Talks podcast now on iTunes”

  1. Dear Kevin,
    I am writing to introduce myself and to share information about my Company’s new HR Performance Framework. We are now ready to disrupt HR. I am seeking the opportunity to start a dialogue with you.

    Recently, two things have coincided i.e. your recent podcast with Alena Titterton and our system readiness to “scale”. We are passionate about offering a “way out” of the current workforce management (WHS embedded) dilemma however we understand the size of the problem and to achieve our objectives we need to collaborate with the right people. This is why I am contacting you.

    We have created a worker centered digital framework designed to engage and empower people in any workplace or industry. We have evidence that supports our claim to deliver simple and practical options for and size businesses to effect incremental improvement in the areas you have been writing about in your blog’s and podcast’s.

    I have been following your blogs for some time with great respect to your knowledge and authentic style of presenting factual information and conversations.

    It is clear that you are passionate about engaging WHS professionals and other readers and listeners to think about alternatives approaches.

    I was excited to read about how you positively communicated the Safety Differently Program in Britain and recently in Australia. Clearly having and sustaining conversations is the way forward but recognising the current disconnected worker’s statistics, 60 – 80% is classified as disconnected makes solving this problem more challenging, not impossible.

    We have been developing our framework over a number of years and as a consequence understand what is needed to engage and empower workers to have and sustain conversations about effectively managing WHS in workplaces.

    For more information:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    David Greentree
    Engagement and Empowerment Programs
    P 0406538849

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