Paspaley clarifies statement on the payment of fines

In this morning’s SafetyAtWorkBlog article, a quote from Janice Murray was included and which originated from an ACTU video dated 25 February 2019. Murray said this of the fine imposed on Paspaley:

“We sat through a very strong legal team. I understand that this is something that they can get covered through insurance. The fine through WorkSafe was minimal for us – a $60,000 fine – and that too was covered by insurance.”

Paspaley has provided SafetyAtWorkBlog with this clarification:

“Paspaley does not propose to engage in further correspondence about this matter which concluded in October 2015 and which has, not infrequently, been the subject of misinformation.

Suffice to say that the fine in question was paid directly by Paspaley and was not covered by insurance.”

Kevin Jones

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