Safety song in copyright problem

The Age newspaper reports on a safety initiative that has backfired. The writer of a safety awareness song for the Woolworths retail store has used a famous Australian tune and, possibly, breached copyright.

An unnamed member of staff wrote safety-themed lyrics to “Up There Cazaly”. The issue became page 3 news mainly due to Australia entering it’s football finals season and, perhaps, the proximity to the October 2010 Safe Work Australia Week.

There have been several attempts for a “Safety song” over the years with several countries running competitions on the process.  None have hit the music charts and most end up as a curiosity. Theme tunes, musical slogans and jingles only succeed when they have a media platform that reaches a large audience and if the song is of high quality.

It would be a substantial challenge to one a serious song about amputations, falls from height and work-related suicides. This is perhaps why most songs that have involved work have been comedic or jolly. The work songs that immediately come to mind are listed below but readers are encouraged to point out other work songs, even if they don’t directly address safety.

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3 thoughts on “Safety song in copyright problem”

  1. Try \”the Chemical Workers Song\” by Newfoundland band \”Great Big Sea\” from their album titled \’Up\’.

    You should be able to find it on Youtube or iTunes.

  2. There\’s Men Without Hats \”The Safety Dance\” but apparently it is a protest against fun-spoiling safety rules- bouncers stopping dancers pogoing to 1980s New Wave music in clubs (according to Wikipedia)

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