Safety At Work Talks – Eldeen Pozniak

Canadian safety professional, Eldeen Pozniak, has been touring the Australian and New Zealand occupational health and safety conference over the next few weeks.  I was able to have a coffee with her earlier this week in Melbourne where we talked about

  • HSE credibility
  • Royal Family security logistics
  • Paw Patrol and OHS education
  • ISO45001, and
  • The workplace impacts of Canada’s impending legalisation of cannabis.

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3 thoughts on “Safety At Work Talks – Eldeen Pozniak”

  1. Interesting that implementation was noted as a major issue with the use of Standards. I always find the implementation of any policy, procedure or process is the hardest part. Understanding why someone is implementing something is a key in getting over this struggle and “just because I said so” is not the answer. Great interview BTW.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Leigh. After hearing Eldeen present a couple of times at a conference I wanted to capture the personality that comes from having a conversation.

  2. I’m looking forward to listening. I’ve had a number of conversations about safety and Paw Patrol over the last few years, luckily for my clients not with them.

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