Scottish quad bike safety

As the Northern Hemisphere enters its Summer, the use of quad bikes will increase and the UK’s Health & Safety Executive has indicated it will be policing the vehicles’ use.  In the press release on 3 June 2010, the HSE reveals that

“Each year an average of two people die and more than 1,000 are injured in quad bike or ATV incidents”

and that

“More than half of all quad bike riders have been thrown from their vehicle at some point…”

The HSE makes this second point in order to promote the use of helmets but one is justified in asking why 50% of users “have been thrown” off the bikes not just falling off.  Should not there be an investigation in the cause of the incidents, rather than a reinforcement of the need for personal protective equipment?

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Scottish quad bike safety”

  1. Not disagreeing with you, Ausohs, but have you been able to find figures that compare the incidence rates associated with quad bikes to those associated with other work vehicles?

  2. Indeed. Agreed.
    What is stopping governments from reviewing the design of quad bikes, given the awful toll on health and life?
    There are not many other agencies of injury or disease that can vie with the quad bike for the harm caused.

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