Is this scaffolder safe?

A SafetyAtWorkBlog reader sent through the video below.  On the far right of the dashcam footage a scaffolder appears to be erecting scaffold while several floors up, holding onto one of the existing poles and without any fall protection.

Regardless of the date stamp, the video was taken on March 13 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

The reader has sent the video to the building company and will be contacting WorkcoverNSW.

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Is this scaffolder safe?”

  1. I have spoken to workers who refuse to wear safety harnesses. The problem is that these workers think safety harnesses are uncomfortable and restrict their movement. They want to get the job done fast.
    The people who buy the harnesses usually choose the cheapest possible option, without properly consulting the workers who will be wearing them.
    There are hundreds of different styles from so many different manufacturers.
    I have already written articles about the need for more talk between the people who buy safety equipment and the people who will wear the equipment. And of course, there needs to be constant training and supervision of safety practices.

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