Is the sun good for us or bad?

Exposure to ultraviolet light is a risk for outdoor workers, particularly, that need to be managed well.  The best way to manage this is a point of debate in OHS management circles but I thought the medical argument on skin cancers and melanoma was over.  Apparently not.

According to an article at BMJ Online, Associate Professor Scott Menzies says

“Sun exposure is clearly a major cause of this disease [melanoma]”.

Sam Shuster is not so sure.

“We need to know much more before we can balance the biological books on ultraviolet radiation, even if we can now close the chapter on melanoma.”

When you are discussing occupational safety with your occupational physician (assuming you have one) bring these articles to their attention so that any skin cancer management program you operate is as valid and robust as it can be.  In OHS, a contemporary state of knowledge is an important base.

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One thought on “Is the sun good for us or bad?”

  1. I was just reading through your publications and beleive that occupational health and related cases have been left untouch in occasions where workers are made victims.
    This is because management don;t want bear the cost of treatment or mitigation or that the quest for employment is higher such that even employees are careless about this hazards.

    All the same a well design programme of action is required to arrest this unwholesome experience at work places.

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