Bank influence on Beaconsfield Mine

It is all too easy to misread the headline on page 7 of today’s Australian newspaper:

MacBank ‘had input’ into goldmine

This seems to confirm the recent statements by miners to the coronial inquest into Larry Knight’s death at Beaconsfield Mine, and accusations by unions.  The headline is based on the statements made by Michael Ryan who was the administrator to Allstate Explorations.  Ryan said that the Macquarie Bank had representatives on the joint venture committee and those bank representatives asked questions about the mine.  However Ryan could not recall if questions were raised by them about production levels.  

Ryan said that Matthew Gill, the mine manager, had made several unsuccessful attempts to have government safety inspectors visit the mine.  The article does not specify the reason for Gill’s attempts.

Michael Ryan said that he would approve any expenditure on safety at the mine.

The article says that in the month prior to the April 2006 rockfall, Ryan asked about safety in the mine.

“He said he asked Mr Gill on a number of occasions if the mine was safe, including in March 2006, after observing an unusual number of rocks caught in support mesh. “(Gill’s) answers were to the effect that it was (safe).”

Matthew Gill has spoken publicly several times about his experiences following the rockfall and is now on the professional speakers’ circuit.  He was appointed the Managing Director of Monarch Gold Mining Company.

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