A name for the Safe Work Australia Awards

At the Safe Work Australia Awards ceremony in Canberra last week, the host Adam Spencer, noted that many of the nominees were dressed as ostentatiously as those who attend the Oscars. “Frocked-up” was the term he used.

It seems to SafetyAtWorkBlog that a major element missing from these important national awards is a useful name for the awards that provides instant recognition like the Oscars, or the Logies.

Suggestions are very welcome in the comments section below.  The most suitable and original will receive a special OHS book as an acknowledgment of their creativity.  The suggestion will then be taken up with the head of Safe Work Australia.

To start off discussions, SafetyAtWorkBlog would suggest that as sixteen workers died in the construction of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the name of the first worker who died may be suitable (We are endeavouring to find who was the first construction death on that project).

However, Australian’s have a habit of allocating contrary nicknames such as Bluey for a redhead, Slim for a fat person.  Perhaps, this peculiarity could be applied to the Safe Work Australia.

Please see what you can come up with this totally unauthorised speculation.

Kevin Jones

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One thought on “A name for the Safe Work Australia Awards”


    I need to thank John Shields and Greg Patmore of the University of Sydney for their help in finding a possible name for the Safe Work Australia Awards.

    There is a book about the men who worked on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It lists those who worked on and for the bridge AND those who died.

    From this source, the earliest dated death was of Harry WATERS who died on April 7 1926 while woking in the quarry that supplied the stone for the bridge.

    According the book, available at http://tinyurl.com.au/x.php?1slr , Harry died from injuries received at

    \”Moruya quarry while riding the carriage of a crane when the big counterweight jib severed his leg between knee and hip\”.

    The next death was Engel August PETERSON \”a Swedish born rigger who broke his spine in the Dorman Long workshop\” on July 23 1927. He was known as Angel.

    I nominate the Harrys or the Angels as potential names for the Safe Work Australia Awards. The Harrys has a nice Aussie ring to it but to call the awards the Angels would be a marketer\’s dream.

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