Memorial forest for people killed and injured at work

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson, a frequent commentator at SafetyAtWorkBlog and prominent advocate on behalf of injured workers, led the Workers’ Memorial Day walk in Adelaide, South Australia today.  She was instrumental in the establishment of a memorial garden in the state capital and explains the reasons for the garden and the significance of the garden in the video below.

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5 thoughts on “Memorial forest for people killed and injured at work”

  1. By mere chance I had the opportunity to connect with Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson and it was instantly clear to me that she was no ordinary soul. I have been very interested in learning of her work and journey and believe she is a wonderful role model to us, as she pioneers forward with her work. Whilst she is incredibly passionate about providing support to those injured in the workplace, she still maintains a joyous and light hearted demeanour, as she takes full enjoyment out of the simple things in life. I am a better person for having the opportunity to know Rosemary, she is a role model that I and the community can continue to aspire to.

  2. I wonder how many people know that the first tree that Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson planted in the Deceased Workers Memorial Forest in 2003 was for her own brother.

    John Jacobs lost his life in a workplace incident in 1969, he was aged just 16yrs old.
    Rosemary rarely talks about how workplace death and workplace injury have shaped her own life because as she says no one really wants to know about the impact of the old workers compensation system and the current workcover system have had.
    Whilst it is tragic that Rosemary has lost her brother and suffered her own workplace injury the rest of us have benefited because when Rosemary could have easily walked away she chose to stay to help others.

    Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson is such an important and generous person who I am lucky to know and be call my friend.

  3. When a workplace incident happens the very best that an injured worker can hope for is that some one will tell them that Rosemary is only a phone call away,

    I have sat with Rosemary in the Memorial Forest because I was struggling to come to terms with what was happening in my son\’s life post his workplace injury. I told Rosemary that I was needing a place to be able to go that was quiet and reflective as well as open and free regardless of the time of day or night.
    Rosemary suggested the Memorial Forest because it was close enough for me to be able to get to whilst my son was in hospital recovering.

    I know I have said it before and I will continue to keep saying it, there are Angels that walk amongst us. Rosemary is living proof on my belief, had she not arrived in my son\’s life when she did he would have been another suicide victim. I will never be able to repay Rosemary for all she did to keep Adam aiming at a full return to life.
    So many injured workers and their families owe so very much to Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson.

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