April 28 – Workers’ Memorial Day

memorial-poster-2009This annual event seems to receive more attention in Europe than elsewhere although over the years several Australian capital cities have erected workers’ memorial stones.  It is usually here that ceremonies occur.

I always attend these services in my own right as it helps to keep me grounded as I wade through risk assessments, policies, consultations, and other safety ephemera.

One of the chilling parts of the service is always the reading of those who have died over the previous twelve months.  This has echoes of the 9/11 recital each year but for the worker memorial there is a new set of names each year and a new set of families and a new round of grieving.

Please check your local town and city activities lists and attend this year’s event.

In support, the UK’s Hazards magazine has produced a simple but effective poster that can be downloaded.

Kevin Jones

One thought on “April 28 – Workers’ Memorial Day”

  1. April 28 is also known as World Day for Safety and Health at Work, for those that prefer a positive themed day. The theme for 2009 is \”Health and life at work: a basic human right.\” More info at http://www.ilo.org

    Readers may also be interested to note that \”World Health Day\” is on April 7 2009. This World Health Day focuses on the safety of health workers who treat those affected by emergencies. This year\’s theme may be close to heart for many Australians this year.

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