Video interviews with four safety professionals

Last week at the Safety In Action Trade Show I participated in a live web interview on safety.  The video of my interview is available below.  Many thanks to Digicast for making this and other OHS videos available.

Other video interviews are available with:

  • Dr Angelica Vecchio-Sadus- HSE Leader at CSIRO Process Science and Engineering.
  • Marilyn Hubner – Workplace Learning and Development Specialist at the National Safety Council of Australia
  • John Lacey, Video President IOSH & CEO Lincsafe

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Video interviews with four safety professionals”

  1. A brief look at a couple of key topics that I found interesting and reinforcing that which has been in most safety material for decades.

    I would certainly like to hear and see a lot more about down to earth safety management methodology in terms of making tasks and equipment safer and understanding obligations for all parties, in respect of legislation for small business employing less than 20 people (tens of thousands of employers).

    The system is failing both employers an employees in small business in terms of assisting all to clearly understand obligations, thus the greatest number of injury claims are coming from this sector and the number of unreported injuries must be staggering.

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