Safety website says OHS association is heartless

Safety In Australia has posted an extraordinary article questioning the decision of the Safety Institute of Australia to proceed with a process to consider the expulsion of one of its members regardless of the member recently suffering a heart attack.

The article says that the SIA has received a doctor’s letter saying that Phil Kamay, the member in question, should not attend the special general meeting on health grounds but the SIA has decided to proceed regardless. Safety In Australia questions this decision on the grounds of fairness. It is unclear who, if anyone, will be presenting Kamay’s rebuttal of the accusations against him that have led to the expulsion moves.

On an unrelated note, it is understood that the SIA has two tables booked for Worksafe Victoria’s Safety Awards late next week and that Phil Kamay is a guest at one of those tables.

Kevin Jones

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2 thoughts on “Safety website says OHS association is heartless”

  1. The Safety Institute has advised that the decision of Phil Kamay\’s future is deferred so that mediation can occur.

    This is a reasonable process (one that was reached after a four-hour meeting that was extremely revealing about the status of the SIA\’s constitution and the personalities involved in the dispute) but both parties must understand that mediation involves give and take on both sides and requires some serious soul-searching.

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